Artist bio

Eleanor seeks to usher in a new wave of indie-pop music. She fuses strong electric guitar, drums, and bass with indie-pop’s melodic instrumentation. Her raw and honest lyrics set the tone for her music’s intricate metaphors and visual imagery, all the while giving her sound a soulful feel.


Fresh off the success of her debut single, ‘Highway’, Eleanor keeps the momentum rolling with ‘Problematic’, a fresh pop single full of edge and angst. Dealing with themes of betrayal and regret, Eleanor delivers an exposed, raw look at the true dynamics of these confusing emotions. This beautifully sung pop single reaches a wide audience as the issues ring true for any any walk of life, “Cause I’m falling deeper and deeper, down into your lies, when you leave to come back just to linger, I’m first to run every time to the guy.” Eleanor displays her maturity and professionalism, keeping well within the groove and not rushing through the fast lyrics which many indie artists tend to do. ‘Problematic’ is a well-written track which should fit nicely into any pop, urban radio format.


Her style draws from that of Lana Del Rey, NF, and Halsey. Lana Del Rey’s mysterious and dark concepts written through beautiful analogies inspire Eleanor’s tendency to show rather than just tell. Eleanor’s ability to voice her internal battles results from NF’s emotional honesty and balance. Just as Halsey frequently does, Eleanor experiments with sound as she merges various genres.


Eleanor’s debut single, Demon Mind, was centered around the common theme of romantic relationships and a craving for destruction. She paralleled the idea of falling for someone with the desire for seduction and flames. Her second song, Highway, explored this concept in a more seductive and personal setting while incorporating a brand new pop flare.


Moving forward, she wants her own evolution as an artist to push the boundaries of so-called “genres.” As she shares more with the world, she will always focus on her stories’ authenticity and truth.